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Students’ life

Some people believe that all schools are the same. But it is not true. Schools are various and different, but each school, as well as a person, has its own face, soul and heart. And the soul of the school is the reflection of students and teachers. Each of us learns something about the school’s life. For some - it is a disco and school’s parties, for others - competitions, contests, favorite lessons for third - sports events, music lessons, drawing, dancing. In other words, school is interaction with people, and the constant discovery of new and unknown. Our work is built on the individual approach to each student. Children spend most of their time at school.

The most memorable events of school life are school-wide events, when all the children are united together and engaged. Everyone can find an interesting activity to be happy and helpful. There is no time to be bored!!!

In our college we have the tradition to:

  • start the school year with the official "Day of Knowledge";
  • celebrate the end of the academic year with the competition "Student of the Year", which summarizes the achievements of students in different nominations;
  • demonstrate students’ achievements at parental conferences, present the student's portfolio;
  • arrange the presidential elections in accordance with the Election Regulations
  • carry out the campaign "Road to school";
  • celebrate the Day of Languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • carry out an action "Caring for the elderly";
  • celebrating the Teachers' Day, preparing the concert;
  • arranging the autumn holiday with "Dad, Mom and I - sporting family";
  • honor first-graders in the PYP family;
  • celebrate MYP certification ceremony;
  • arrange meetings with students, teachers and parents at the classroom hours to communicate in the environment of understanding and trust;
  • go to the mountains on the day of outdoor activities, where each student feels part of a mixed-age college family; 
  • make "Golden Autumn" ball and participate in the disco;
  • carry out the charity event "Help the children";
  • carry out the charity exhibition and trade fair of handicrafts;
  • win in city football, volleyball and chess competitions;
  • celebrate the Day of Peace: "Kazakhstan - nuclear-free zone";
  • celebrate the Day of the First President;
  • carry out the event "We choose life";
  • celebrate the Independence Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan;
  • celebrate the Day of the state symbols;
  • arrange Christmas parties; 
  • make a concert March 8 "For the glory of a woman", prepared by the participants of ballroom, musical, theatrical studios and students’ council;
  • Celebrate "Nauryz";
  • carry out the event "These days will be in our memory";
  • celebrate the Day of Unity of Peoples of Kazakhstan;
  • celebrate the Day of Defender of the Motherland;
  • celebrate the last bell of the school year
  • organize and carry out exhibition of academic achievements in research projects of the PYP programme and Personal Project of MYP programme;
  • conduct environmental events that are relevant to the local environment;
  • arrange the music room "Autumn Gift", "The first steps of the young musician", "Spring mood".