Students of the International College of Continuing Education have the opportunity to participate regularly in national and international subject leagues, contests and competitions, including the remote: intellectual league "Akbota", international league "Russian Bear", international league "Pup", international online league "Nalanda" and others.

Participation in the Leagues enhances the educational experience of students, giving them the opportunity to feel the spirit of competition, to realize their potential, get a chance to be a winner, to increase self-esteem and develop confidence in their own ability. Overcoming difficulties manageable training through participation in the Leagues contributes to the intellectual development of students, and external evaluation of educational achievements awakens the desire for new knowledge.

Strive and make a step to victory!

Our college has the system of students’ involvement to participate in Leagues. All stages, and there are three of them, are distributed in the entire school year. This approach stems from the fact that we strive to give the opportunity to fully open up to each student. A "full-time" mode allows you to do it being in the educational process. Each stage of the competition is celebrated in a special way, when we make conclusions and winners move on to the next level of complexity. Everybody can take part in the competition, try themselves, and apply knowledge in non-standard situations.

This makes the difference between the school leagues from city contests. Subject leagues are finalized with the contest "Student of the Year", which is the traditional event of the school year.

During this event students and their curators present their achievements to the student community. This contest gathers a large audience of teachers and students of all ages and parents. The winners are awarded with certificates and gifts. In addition, every subject group has publications with the participants’ materials. They can be found in the information center of the college.
Students grade 10 regularly participate in the International Maths League in English language and are in top 10 schools.

Огромный интерес у студентов начального образования вызывает участие в конкурсах изобразительного искусства.

The PYP students have great interest in participation in ARTs competitions.

It is becoming increasingly popular among students to participate in national remote competitions:

  • children's photography contest "World by the eyes of children", dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, among the students of secondary schools, colleges and other education institutions (2015)

Certificates were awarded to:
Yerenchinova K.
Novikov E.
Smailova A.
Iliyasheva A.

Students were prepared by Biology teacher Pivovarov .K.I

  • "Әlemdі terbetken ana" competition among the teachers and students of secondary and other education institutions

The certificate was awarded to the teacher of the Kazakh language Sagyndykova GT for the scenario of the extracurricular event.

  • Republican remote competition in computer technology "Computer World" among teachers and students of secondary institutions and colleges.

Certificates were awarded to 30 students for creative ingenuity.

Students were prepared by ICT teacher PhD Akhmetov OS

  • Competition of readers among institutions of secondary education, dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The certificate was awarded to Yerenchinova K. among participants of grades 8-11

Students were prepared by the teacher of Russian language and literature Kuleshova SG