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Peculiarities of curriculum

Peculiarities of the general secondary education curriculum
in grades 10-11

The working curriculum of general secondary education is based on the typical social and humanities educational profile curriculum. Linguistic educational profile provides in comparison with the typical curriculum of social and humanities educational profile a definite increase in the number of weekly teaching hours in Mathematics, English language, Russian literature, Physics, Geography, Chemistry, and Biology with the purpose of the qualitative realization of the educational standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan and IB/MYP standards, prepare students to pass the final exams.

English course in grades 10-11 is focused on preparing students for education abroad, and are carried out according to the programs, textbooks, and teaching aids «Roundup» publishing house Longman, «English File», «Solutions», publishing house Oxford Press. Teaching is arranged by the level/phase system dividing the class into groups.

Subject groups Number of teaching hours per week in grades
10 11
Language and Literature Russian Language 2 2
Russian literature 3 3
Language acquisition English language 5 5
Kazakh language 5 5
Mathematics Mathematics 6 6
Individuals and Societies World history 2 2
History of Kazakhstan 2 2
Geography 2 2
Science Biology 2 2
Science: integrated course 2 2
Physics 2 2
Chemistry 2 2
Design Digital design 2 2
Health and Physical Education Health and Physical Education 3 3