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Professional development

Our teachers are authors of programmes, textbooks, working books and school booklets for teachers and students. Special attention is given to practical application of educational activity of forms and methods in differentiated training, organization of research and project work.

Professional development is carried out through:

  • Self-educational themes;
  • pedagogical councils;
  • Work of methodical associations/subject groups;
  • Preparation of psychology-pedagogical councils;
  • Thematic seminars;
  • IB online workshops;
  • Courses of PD at the pedagogical city center;
  • School of the new teacher.

The focus is done on the choice of forms and methods collaborative (student + teacher) educational activity.

Teachers are prepared for realization of modern education high requirements; therefore, for demonstration of professional development they use possibilities of the lesson, pedagogical council, online workshops (IB), auction of ideas, different competitions and subject leagues etc.


"Interdisciplinary projects as an example of thematic interdisciplinary inquiry"
(presented at the Pedagogical Council, June 2023)

Grade 5. ID Unit Coordinator: A. LUKINA 



Grade 6. ID Unit Coordinator: I. PODBEREZSKAYA 


Grade 7. ID Unit Coordinator: S. Kuleshova


Grade 8. ID Unit Coordinator: S.EZAU 


Grade 9. ID Unit Coordinator:  R. Dzhamaletdin


Grade 10. ID Unit Coordinator: N. SEMENOVA