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International College of Continuous Education (ICCE) is

  • one of the first private schools in Kazakhstan, which is licensed by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
  • fully authorized by International Baccalaureate Organization ibo.org to deliver both Middle Years Programme and Primary Years Programme
  • representative of Cambridge CATs in Central Asia
ICCE was founded at the dawn of sovereignty; our college has been successfully implementing its authorized concept of teaching and upbringing. The school has harmoniously aligned national and international educational standards. It is the result of laborious efforts and personal merit of the college founder and permanent leader Dr. Lyudmila Shelukhina and a highly professional staff.

Today ICCE is committed to national and international traditions which are highly appreciated by the community.

Located in the cities of Almaty and Astana.

General Director:
Dr. Lyudmila Shelukhina


College concept is authorized

"The goal of the college is the development of active, thinking people on the bae of linguistic, mathematical and scientific literacy and practicality to guarantee their open mindedness”.


College graduates should:

  • have a high level of adaptation to the social and physical activities, creative mind, the ability to create and build;
  • be fluent in spoken and written language, at least two foreign languages, freely navigate the mathematical, biological, physical, legal and economic issues;
  • be able to construct a hypothesis, plan and carry out experiments, analyze and summarize the facts;
  • acquire knowledge and skills in Arts.

Continuous collaboration in effectively constructed learners’ environment develops students’ responsibility, respect for other people's views, peacefulness, aspiration for self-knowledge and for being lifelong learner.

The development of open-mindedness provides the proactive attitude to the processes taking place in society nowadays. "