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Unified requirements for ICCE students

I. General Rules

  1. During the school day, students are to follow the requirements of the administration, teachers, and college security.
  2. Students attend classes in the free form of clothes, which should be neat, comfortable, and fit for their purpose and time of year. Students in grades 1-4 should have and change school shoes.
  3. Callers' hairstyles, bright make up and jewelry is not an attribute of the everyday style of a college student.
  4. Students are to have special uniforms for classes in physical education, choreography, swimming, and other sports.
  5. Students are forbidden to utter abusive and obscene words and expressions, or giving degrading nicknames.
  6. In our college smoking is strictly prohibited.
  7. During the learning process students are not allowed to use mobile phones and other means, not related to the educational process. In case of violation, the teacher has the right to take action up to dismissal of the student from class. Students are prohibited from bringing large sums of money, or valuables; college is not responsible for their safety.
  8. Students and their parents are responsible for the material damage to the building, facilities, or college equipment.

II. Students’ arrival

  1. Lessons begin at 8:30 a.m.; the students arrive 10-15 minutes before.
  2. Every class has a fixed classroom, and locker room, where students are to leave clothes and personal items (sportswear, sports equipment, school supplies, etc.) before the beginning of the lessons.
  3. Students are to be in the classroom no later than 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the lesson.
  4. In the case of non-attendance for a valid reason a student is obliged to inform the class teacher or vice principal about the reason.
  5. Students who are late to lessons can be admitted only with the permission of a vice principal or administrator on duty and get a diary notification about being late.
  6. Students are strictly forbidden to bring to college things not related to lessons.
  7. During the school day, students should not go beyond the campus without special permission from the general director, the vice principal, or written parents’ permission letter.
  8. Students should be sent home not later than 15-20 minutes after the lessons.

III. Students in the classroom

  1. Students are to be in the classroom and get ready for the lesson before the bell rings.
  2. When the teacher enters the classroom, students stand up.
  3. Late students are admitted to lessons with the permission of the vice principal or administrator on duty.
  4. The list of required materials is determined by the teacher.
  5. The procedure for student response is determined by the teacher.
  6. Students who wish to respond or ask anything are required to raise their hand.
  7. During the lesson the student is obliged to monitor his/her posture.
  8. Students must follow the Academic honesty policy. Plagiarism and cheating is strictly prohibited.
  9. The lesson is ended after the appropriate oral instructions of the teacher; then all students can stand up and leave the classroom.

IV. Students and culture of educational work

  1. The student is to have the necessary materials for learning and teaching processes (diary, notebooks, textbooks, pens, pencils, rulers, markers, etc.)
  2. The student’s diary is kept in accordance with the instructions, checked by the class teacher, and signed by the parents.
  3. The number of notebooks and their purpose in each subject is determined by the teacher.
  • Do not start a new workbook, if the old one is not finished.
  • Do not erase the writing in notebooks, or diaries, pull the page. The misspelled should be carefully crossed in one straight line