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Students’ council

Students’ council directs and organizes students’ life at the college. This is - a voluntary, independent, self-governing organization of students from grades 5 - 11 and adults. Students’ Council aims - "to make school life interesting and exciting."

The Council has the following objectives:

  • to develop IB Learner Profile by means of various forms of extracurricular activities;
  • to develop initiative and creativity in the process of collaboration;
  • to bring up helpful and responsible members of the society.

The activities of the council are determined by the principles of voluntarism, humanism, independence, creative activity.

Members of the organization have the right to:

  • Freely enter and exit the council;
  • To put on the discussion of any question;
  • To elect and be elected to the governing bodies of the Council;
  • To participate in collective affairs;
  • Receive current information about the Council's activities;
  • Openly express and respect the opinions;
  • To ask for help in protecting their interests.

Council members are obliged to:

  • Comply with the charter and to implement the decisions of the organization;
  • Participate actively in the work of the organization;
  • Respect the opinion of the team and its traditions;
  • To respect the law and to take the interests of other members of the organization.

The laws that govern the members of the Council

  • The unity of word and deed
  • Friendship and fellowship.
  • The honor and conscience.
  • Caring and compassion.