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Teacher, Child, Family

Pedagogical triangle - «Teacher – Child - Family»

Pedagogical staff of the kindergarten guarantees individual approach to each child considering specific character of the family. This collaboration suggests two stages named relatively “Let’s make the acquaintance” (getting the information about the child, his/her family, expectations of parents) and “Let’s make friends” (active ways of involving parents into the interaction between family and the kindergarten).

This system of gradual inclusion of parents into the process of teaching and learning on the base of open-mindedness allows us to establish partnership with each family and provides successful learning and development of children.

In the kindergarten there is an consultation service for parents “ Let us introduce you your child”. The aim of the service is to provide psychological and pedagogical support for parents and maintaining all-round development of children.

Interactive arrangements for parents (meetings, consulting, conferences, trainings etc.) promote development of their pedagogical competence and help to provide continuous progress in development of their children.

Parents are consulted by one or several specialists simultaneously in different forms: individually or in groups.

The service is available two times a week in the morning and evening hours. Duration of consultation is 1 hour.

Interaction between service and parents (or guardians) are regulated by agreement determining terms and amount of services, duration, fee and responsibilities of both sides, as well as other conditions.