• The kindergarten of the International College of Continuous Education works the whole year round excluding with the exception of those free days established by Government and holidays.
  • Children stay in the kindergarten from 8 a.m. till 6 p.m.
  • By agreement with the administration children can attend the kindergarten according to individual schedule.

Child is enrolled into the kindergarten by the order of the ICCE Principal according to the Application of parents.

Exemplary Schedule

Elements of activity Time
3-5 years old children 5-6 years old children
«Good morning children!»
Coming to the kindergarten, playing, group communication, collaborative activity, hygienic procedures, breakfast, preparing for classes.
8.00.- 9.30. 8.00.-9.30.
«Learn by playing»
Organized learning activity, collaborative activity of teacher and children.
9.30. -10.30. 9.30.-11.30.
Enriching breakfast 10.00.  
«Going for a walk together»
Preparing for walk, going for a walk, playing and other activities, returning to the classroom, hygienic procedures .
10.30.-12.00. 11.30.-12.30.
Lunch 12.00.- 12.30. 12.30.-12.50.
Hygienic procedures, daily sleep. 12.30.-15.00. 12.50.-15.00.
Waking up, physical exercises. 15.00.-15.30. 15.00.-15.30.
Role plays, creative and didactic plays in groups.
Active creative games, role-plays and independent activity during a walk.
15.30. 16.30. 15.30.-16.50.
Dinner. 16.30.-16.50. 16.50.-17.00.
Playing, communication with children and parents, leaving kindergarten. 16.50.-18.00. 17.00.-18.00.