PYP Exhibition

The PYP exhibition is the culminating event in the life of primary school students and is a collaborative transdisciplinary inquiry, where students have the opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and abilities acquired in the primary school in all subjects, actively demonstrating the attributes of IB learner profile, positive attitudes towards people, environment and their own learning.

The exhibition can be arranged in any transdisciplinary theme in accordance with the selected central idea of global significance, and based on local specifications.

The duration of the preparation and holding of the exhibition usually takes 4 months (February to May), and involves the participation of all members of the school community. The clear, collaboratively developed criteria for the assessment of all phases of the exhibition as efficiently help students to organize their activities and successfully present their achievements throughout the school community. It is important that in the process of the exhibition, students can perform responsible socially significant actions that are the result of learning and relevant both for students and for the local community. The exhibition concludes with the celebration of the primary school and the PYP programme graduation.