Medical service

As students are enrolled in full-day school regime, the medical care in college is carried out continuously. To this end, the college medical service includes a pediatrician, two nurses, and a massage therapist. General medical area, a procedural and a massage room is 60 sq.m. The equipment of the rooms corresponds to the requirements.

The college works in health-preserve daily regime, students have lessons of physical activity (exercise, aerobics, and gymnastics); the schedule provides big breaks, daily walks. Each year, the school carried out a thorough medical examination, vaccination, vitamin prevention events and health education lectures.

In addition, there is a dining hall for 240 seats. The work of the dining hall is controlled by special medical and sanitary organizations of the city, by the director and by the school’s medical department. The meals are provided by the college kitchen, the staff of which is fully certified.

The dining hall and kitchen of the college are provided with all necessary equipment and facilities.