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Prolongation of education

The collaborative programme between educational institutions: the International Baccalaureate CATs Cambridge and the International College of Continuing Education - is unique.

Cambridge Baccalaureate is the oldest educational institution of the world to ensure the high standard of the International Baccalaureate Diploma.

The academic course of the International Baccalaureate Diploma programme is designed for two years of study and includes 6 subjects to choose from each block, depending on the specialization in future:

  • native language;
  • language of instructions (English);
  • mathematics;
  • experimental sciences: biology, chemistry, physics, environmental systems;
  • humanities and economic sciences: history, economic geography, economics, business, psychology;
  • Arts: art history, design, or the third language of choice (French, Italian, Spanish, German), applied arts, art theory, computer technology, drama or music.

After grades 10-11 students of our college are enrolled in the International Baccalaureate schools in the IB program / without exams and additional preparation.

IB Diploma Programme (the DP) is designed for students aged 16 to 19 years, is academically challenging and balanced educational programme with rigid assessment of knowledge. The DP prepares the students for successful mastery of higher education and motivates them to be active members of increasingly globalized society. The programme has won recognition and trust of the world's leading universities.


Professionally oriented IB programme (the CP), designed for students aged 16 to 19 years, integrating educational principles, the concept of learning and IB learner profile is a unique programme that meets the needs of students who want to prepare for a career.


 This program offers students the advantages of the individual elements and the IB programme allows schools to expand the circle of participants in the educational process for the IB system. It is designed to confirm extra specialization schools with the DP programme, which already offer their students oriented vocational training courses.

All IB programmes:

  • have strong international focus;
  • consider the experience of different educational cultures of the world when formatting the meaningful content;
  • require study of a wide range of subjects;
  • include both individual subjects and interdisciplinary field;
  • pay special attention to the study of languages;
  • give priority to the development of independent learning skills;
  • provide the ability to plan and create personal and social projects;
  • motivate students to become responsible, active members of society.

All IB programmes include:

  • curriculum course or basic curriculum;
  • students' assessment system, appropriate to their age group;
  • opportunities for professional development and teachers’ collaboration;
  • supporting procedures for the authorization and evaluation of school programmes.

During summer and winter holidays ICCE students (grades 4 – 11) have real opportunity to significantly improve their English language skills under the guidance of experienced teachers in the language centers of the International Baccalaureate UK and the USA.

The programme includes:

  • language training in international groups; 6 hours of listening, communication, vocabulary, grammar;
  • for students in grades 9-11 there is an introductory subject course in IB/DP programme in English (mathematics, history, ARTs, economics, etc.)
  • English lessons under the guidance of college teacher;
  • familiarity with the history, the culture of the UK (London tours, Brighton, Cambridge, Canterbury, Windsor, Portsmouth, and etc.); and the US (Miami, Florida)
  • daily activities in the sports center (gym games, aerobics room, tennis courts, swimming pool, stadium);
  • The cost of the trip, in addition to tuition fees, accommodation and cultural programs, including payment for meals, tickets, medical insurance and visa.