Graduation party for 4 grade students

On the 25th of May was a graduation party for 4 grade students.

Another important and responsible stage in the life of fourth graders has finished. During the ball there was a ceremony of awarding students in the categories "Experts and inquirers", "Winners everywhere, prize takers" "Potential geniuses", "Intellectual avant garde", "The most inventive and mobile". Good mood was created by incendiary dances, cheerful songs, congratulations addressed to students from the college administration, from teachers and parents with this wonderful event.

We are proud to say that the children now have knowledge of mathematics and languages, are able to do a research, think, draw conclusions, and also make reasonable decisions and socially significant actions. All the children were awarded IB PYP certificates for their active participation in the PYP exhibition on the theme “Ecosystem”.

Interest in the study of the new grew together with the children and some of them grew up to "Academicians of children's inquiry" and took part in the competition "Academy of PYP inquiry".

Throughout the school year, many of the primary school graduates participated in international, republican and city competitions and Olympiads: “Ak Bota”, “Russian bear”, “British Bulldog”, “Winter fantasy”, “How beautiful this world is ...”, “Spring drops”, “I am a citizen of the world!” Students’ achievements were awarded with diplomas and certificates.

We wish the future fifth graders to have the desire to explore the world, to develop what was based in the primary school, and to make us happy with their wonderful results.

Good luck!