The Celebration of the First Bell Ring

The first of September - is the first call and excitement, the sea of colors and white ribbons, and of course the traditional lessons of peace. This is the most long-expected Day of Knowledge, for those, who for the first time in their life crossed the threshold of the College, who for the first time sat behind a desk. It is also a celebration for those, who make their next step on the long, but yet such an interesting "school" road, which is full of discoveries and unforgettable moments.

In the International College of Continuous Education will stay in the memory for all of the students, starting from first graders and finishing with the soon-to-be graduates.

The celebration of the First Call was colorful and theatrical. Songs, dances, poems, parting words of the principal of the college, teachers and parents will rest in the memories of everyone, who participated in the events, for a very long time.