Nauryz holiday in the school camp "Bel-Bulak"

When nature wakes up and begins to enjoy the spring warmth, the holiday Nauryz comes – holiday of renewal, unity, peace, kindness and happiness.

This year primary school students celebrated the main spring holiday by going to the school camp "Bel-Bulak" where they took part in a sports quest on the traditional national competitions of nomad people "Games of nomads". At the solemn assembly, after the congratulation and welcome speech of teachers, the team captains received maps for the quest to the auls, which are comfortably located on green lawns of the camp. With great enthusiasm and excitement the children took part in the competitions, showing mutual assistance and determination.

After the quest all the participants of the holiday shared the festive dastarkhan together, treated themselves to crumbly pilaf and hot baursaks.

Summing up "Games of nomads", the jury determined the team winners in five nominations: "Toi sani", "Altyn Saka", "Mergender", "Batyrlar ermegi", "Zhuirikter". Good mood, sports passion and the will to win of all the participants of the festival did their job! The winners were awarded diplomas and sweet prizes.

We want to wish peace and happiness, health and prosperity, good luck and cheerfulness this wonderful and significant holiday to the whole school community!