In Kazakhstan there is a day when everyone can express his/her gratitude, gratefulness and deep respect to the person working for the benefit of our society – to the teacher. At the International College of Continuous Education such day this year became on the 4th of October. Many good wishes were said to our teachers, and these words were filled with warmth and gratitude.

Teacher's Day is considered as an international holiday, it concerns everyone. On this day, teachers receive congratulations from their students. We must always remember that we are all someone's pupils. Sometimes, only having become adults, we realize what efforts were required from our mentors to make the dreams of many children true.

At the International College teachers work for their students, live for them, try to do everything to make the children' eyes burn with interest, joy and enthusiasm.

On this day the children tried to please the teachers with their abilities at the day of self-government: the lessons were conducted by high school students. The teachers visited the improvised school cafe organized by eleventh-graders and accepted the most interesting creative congratulations at the theatrical show in the brightly decorated Assembly Hall. All teachers of the College received a cheerful charge of good mood and confidence that the work of the teacher is very important and valuable for all generations and in any country. This event has become a wonderful tradition, which our College with a 26-year history is famous for.