On September the 29th, 2017 students of the International College of Continuous Education, arrived at school much earlier than their teachers to greet them with bright smiles, flowers and pleasant surprises. The day began with an unusual start, in which the Council of Self-Management decided to celebrate "Teacher's Day.”


Preparation for this holiday began long ago. Creative groups gathered at rehearsals, video and audio editors selected interesting plots and musical accompaniments to the theatrical performance, dancing groups practiced elegant movements of modern and classical dances. And students of the 11th grades organized a festive cafe. But that's not all. A large group of students "tried on" the role of teachers of different subjects and the administration of the college.

The lessons were strictly on schedule, but on this day of self-management, students, that were prepared in advance for all subjectsentered classes. All lessons started on time, and in the classrooms reigned an amazing atmosphere of mutual understanding, responsibility and fascinating interest. At the end of this festive day, a colorful creative performance was held, prepared by talented performers.

All students organized this in gratitude to each teacher, for their uneasy but fascinating profession.