Day of The First President of Kazakhstan

Day of The First President of Kazakhstan - is a governmental celebration that truly became national. On this day we realize, that thanks to the strategic talent, wisdom and persistence in achieving goals of the leader of our Nation, the history of independence of Kazakhstan has begun, and a new concept of "Kazakhstan's way of development" emerged in global politics.

In The International College of Continuous Education this auspicious day is celebrated with bright events, which involve both students and teachers. Drawing competition was organized, where students from different grades have expressed their artistic understanding of the achievements of Kazakhstan. In every class, the students got a chance to view an informative documentary about the achievements of Kazakhstan and the role of the First President N.A. Nazarbayev who planned development of the economy, achieved peace and harmony of all ethnic groups living in the country, the growing influence of foreign policy. In addition, an overview of the key decisions of the Leader of the Nation, that influenced the development of the "new Kazakhstan" were demonstrated no the school display.